• Jumping


    Trampoline park is a new way for people of all ages to have fun while getting in shape or to simply just have fun. Trampolines are connected to one another from wall to wall and form one big playground. This large jumping area can be used for a variety of things, such as: free jumping, basketball, dodgeball and jumping into the foam pit, where you can practice your acrobatics and learn new tricks.  One entry covers an hour of jumping plus access to all attractions including the foam pit. Entries to the grounds are always at the whole hour. Reservations can be made for an individual or the entire group 

    Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your reservation time..
    Entries to the grounds are always at the whole hour

    This time is necessary to get you all ready and briefed along with showing of a short instructional video. No one is allowed to enter the jumping area without being briefed/receiving instructions first.

    For your convenience, our parks are equipped with changing rooms. After you are done with your jumping there is a chill-out/relaxation zone with snacks available. It also caters to your “non-jumping” entourage.

    Our highly trained staff, which ensures your safety and comfort, is there for you for the entire length of your visit so please, do not hesitate to ask for assistence.

    If you are anywhere in Brno/Prague, JumpPark is just around the corner. See for yourself  the map. Parking on/close to the premises of the park

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  • Team-building and corporate events


    If you are looking for an unusual pastime for your colleagues, want to experience a new kind of team-building or you just want to throw a party, look no further for JumpPark is right here for you! The sense of freedom and enjoyment you feel jumping in our big trampoline arena will stay with you, together with a big smile on your face.

    We can offer you everything from booking the entire hall to jumping in a smaller groups of people for an hour. Just contact us

    We will help you organize the event exactly to your liking.

    If you are ou are anywhere in Brno, JumpPark is just around the corner. See for yourself  the map. Parking on/close to the premises of the park.

    And remember, teams that have fun together, work better together!

  • Trainings/workouts and courses


     At the moment we are preparing jumping classes for you to make your jumping experience even better.
  • Parties and celebrations


    Coming soon

News and FAQ

  • Do I have to book in advance?

    It is not necessary, however, certain time slots can be filled and without a reservation we cannot guarantee you will get in.

  • Can I buy tickets online?

    Tickets can be booked online, however, they are paid for on the spot in cash or credit card. For corporate events, it is possible to issue an invoice.

  • Entry is exactly on the hour?

    Yes, but it is NECESSARY to arrive at least 20 minutes in advance, so you can get ready and briefed.

  • Is there an age limit?

    Jumping is accessible to all age groups

  • What should I wear?

    Dress up in comfortable clothing such as sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts. Garments must not have any sharp edges, corners or protrusions; belt buckles are also forbidden. You can either jump barefoot or wearing special socks which can be bought in our parks It is not permitted to wear any jewelry. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it!

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